Hello! I’m Rachel Monet, the passionate artist behind the camera.

About Me: It was love at first sight when I looked through the lens of my first film camera when I was eighteen years old. It was a Minolta Asahi Pentax camera with a portrait lens. Nothing fancy compared to today’s technology. In fact, because I didn’t get to edit anything after it was committed to film, I had to learn to create visual masterpieces the hard way. Not only that, I also didn’t have a lot of money to waste on developing bad photos, so I learned to make every shot count.

Details matter. I bring an artistic flair and perspective to all that I do, especially when it comes to capturing the special moments in your life. 


My Approach: Every project is unique.

First of all, I want to know what’s important to you. What do you want to accomplish with this photo shoot or event? Next, I dive deeper into branding and target audience if those are relevant components of your desire for the world-class images I’ll be creating and producing for you. 

If I had a superpower, it would be my ability to get everyone to relax, have fun, and look their best for the camera in 3 seconds or less. It’s true! 

“Rachel outshines every other event photographer I’ve ever worked with. Anyone can operate a cell phone camera and take random paparazzi type photos at events. It’s a special skill to be able to effortlessly get people to brighten up, pose, and smile at events the way she does- every time.”  – John D.

Creating Visual Masterpieces:  I love collaborating with my clients, marketing and branding teams, and whoever else is involved with the proposed project or photoshoot to ensure that the images I create and capture not only meet, but exceed, your goals for the photo shoot.  

I was born an artist with a knack for visual storytelling that reaches out to the viewer – not only capturing their attention but touching their emotions too. What do you want your photos and videos to say about you, your company, your special event, or….*?

*I’m open to pretty much everything except weddings and infants. Anything else? Let’s talk!

Services: I offer a wide range of photography and video services to meet your commercial and professional photography needs. 

  • Events
  • Headshots
  • Portraits
  • Lifestyle/Marketing Images
  • Product Photography
  • Real Estate & Architecture
  • Aerial/Drone

Let’s Connect!

If you love what you see in the galleries, reach out and schedule a no-obligation appointment to discuss your project or event photography and video needs.