Introducing…. New Release “Blue” Series Art

Introducing the first of several original paintings in the “Blue” series of abstract artworks. Available [...]

SMILE! It makes you more “likeable”

Your online presence and how you show up for that “first impression” can make or [...]

If I can’t find you – I can’t do business with you

We met… the excitement was mutual and we decided we needed to see each other [...]

No Experience Required!

Our Custom paint parties take the “Pour ‘n Paint” party experience to a whole different [...]

Cafe Monet – Addicted to Feeling Loved

Validation vs Recognition: Everyone likes a reward for good behavior! What is the difference between [...]

Cafe Monet – Blessings in Disguise

It’s going to be “One of those days” First, I made my morning coffee in [...]

Cafe Monet – How to Stop the Insanity through Creativity

Look who showed up to have coffee with me this morning! Is it a sign? [...]

Salon Sessions – The importance of perspectives in visual storytelling

“Advertising is based on one thing — happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is [...]

Cafe Monet – Mixing it up with Rachel

The Beauty of Disruption In music, we feel the rhythm of the beat as we [...]

Cafe Monet – Morning Rituals

Starting each day with “gratitude” and determining the “intent” for the day is what I [...]

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