If I can’t find you – I can’t do business with you

We met… the excitement was mutual and we decided we needed to see each other again. You asked me for my number, I handed you my card.
You said you were out of cards so I looked you up online. No problem…right? Should be easy. You are a business owner so you should at least have a presence on LinkedIn. Hmmm…. you haven’t updated your info in years and your website link goes to a 404 not found page

I’m disappointed because I was so excited to learn more about your business and how I can support you with referrals over coffee or lunch.

Sound familiar????? Has this happened to you?

Why do I have to work so hard to find you just to ask you out for a coffee meeting and learn more about you?

Now, I’m questioning your legitimacy and professionalism. I can’t refer someone to you if I can’t easily find you.

Time to update your business marketing collateral, headshots, website? Give me a call to discuss where you are now and how we can improve your web presence and marketing with powerful, beautiful images that are on-brand and on-target with their visual impact and storytelling capabilities.

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