SMILE! It makes you more “likeable”

Your online presence and how you show up for that “first impression” can make or break your success in attracting the right people to your business, your social media and, especially, your dating profile.


You have less than 2 seconds to make the right first impression.

My advice? Don’t worry – Be HAPPY!!! (at least in your headshots and profile photos)

Consider this: Do you want to do business with or potentially date someone who is scowling at you or someone who looks like a genuinely happy person?

I’m betting you will SWIPE LEFT if that person looks too serious or generally unpleasant.

Why? Because a picture of someone looking too serious or even scowling (trying to look bossy) can often trigger a reflexive PTSD response when the viewer has suppressed memories of being emotionally, physically, or sexually abused at some point in their lifetime. Swipe Left

If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the psychology behind the emotions you want to convey when you make that first impression. Of all that come to mind, the number one thing, at least for me, is a feeling of…

SAFETY. (Smile vs Frown) – will I feel safe doing business with or dating this person? A smile says it all.

Now that you know this, if it’s time for you to tune up that smile and attract more customers or find the love of your life – give me a call and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish with that beautiful smile of yours.

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