Cafe Monet – Mixing it up with Rachel

The Beauty of Disruption

In music, we feel the rhythm of the beat as we move our bodies and get lost in the melody of the song. It is the vibration caused by the disruption of the percussion instrument that gets our attention at a primal level.

Our heart beats, disrupting the flow of blood as it expands and contracts, pushing the elixir of life throughout our entire body. Without the disruption of the heartbeat, we would be dead.

Without disruption, there can be no change or growth. This is true, especially in nature. Aggressive pruning of rose bushes in the Fall, as the leaves are turning colors, leads to an abundance of new growth in the early Spring. Without the cutting back of the old wood or removal of ripened seed pods, there will only be dead wood in their places in the Spring and very little new growth.

Disruption leads to change.

When faced with a challenge, we can choose to run away, be stubborn and resist change, or step up to the challenge and solve the problem. Problem solving requires that you first lean into the problem to better grasp an understanding of what you are dealing with. Then, you can begin to innovate a solution. Think of it as a scientific process. You are information gathering and taking notes. Along the way, you learn a lot of new things that you find useful which your mind stores in its data bank in case it’s needed later.

So, what does this have to do with art or coffee or whatever?

Artists create and innovate. Innovation is a cause of, or response to, disruption. Disruption = Change

The art of disruption can as simple a concept as gently moving the foam around with your fingernail to make some pattern with the coffee stain before sticking your finger in and mixing it all up before you lick the mess off your finger.

Go ahead… Mix it up (whatever “it” is), make a mess, and see what happens? What have you got to lose?

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