Cafe Monet – Morning Rituals

Rachel Monet Studios Blog

Starting each day with “gratitude” and determining the “intent” for the day is what I do before I even get out of bed. I “choose” the attitude I need to cultivate in order to accomplish those goals, whatever they are.

I then turn on the type of music that I know will subliminally move me into the type of space I need to be in. Think of it as choosing the soundtrack to the movie of your life that you are writing, directing, and starring in.

Living your life as if you are creating a work of art is living life the Artist’s Way. You are the creator of your life. Create a masterpiece!

A favorite way to jump-start my creative juices is to take great pleasure in preparing my morning cafe latte. Each step gets my full attention. From measuring the ingredients to watching the espresso machine dispense just the right amount of coffee to playing with the designs in the foam to sitting back and pondering what I see in the bubbles and coffee stains. This morning ritual kick-starts the creative juices and I look forward to it more than I look forward to actually drinking the coffee.

The ordinary habit of “getting a cup of coffee to start my day” has now been elevated to become an enjoyable and meaningful ritual that helps me set my intent for the day – especially those days when I need to be creatively productive.

What mundane, ordinary habit do you have that can be elevated to a meaningful ritual to help improve your day?

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