Salon Sessions – Tapping into your Creative Intuition

Let go and let your inner Van Gogh go wild

Today’s lesson is centered on the theme of “Letting Go” of the fear of not being good enough so that you can tap into the vast pool of ideas and creative talent that exists within you. You know the fear I’m talking about… it’s the nagging fear that holds you back from even trying because you tell yourself you have no talent as an artist or whatever you aspire to be good at. Somewhere along the line, your creative inner child was diminished under the pressures and demands of everyday life – especially as the years went by. You learned to be practical. You learned that details and performance were highly valued and therefore strived to achieve. You became some version of a control-freak perfectionist. Admit it…!

When we “Let Go” the need to control the outcome, our minds and creative juices are allowed to flow freely. Decisions and actions now happen intuitively as you aren’t siderailed by assessing risk-management for every decision. Your mind’s data processor is moving fluidly, at Mach speed… you are in The Zone… the ideas are flooding your mind and that’s where the birth of innovation begins.

In this painting exercise, the creator only has about 5 minutes, tops, to work the paint and manipulate the textures/contrasts until the paint is no longer removable. As in life, we learn techniques then learn to trust our instincts and intuitive responses as we further adapt, develop and hone new techniques in the moment.

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