Seeking Zen in the Foam Moments

Musings from Cafe’ Monet

You’ll never look at your coffee foam the same way again. You know… the way you briefly admire the barista’s spectacular artwork before shoving a lid on it and walking away. In that brief moment you wished you could be artistic like that.

What if, instead, you took a full minute to have a foam zen moment? What if, in that brief moment of time your mind completely shut out everything outside of you as you hyper focus (with a completely open mind) on what shapes you might recognize or from which angle you find it most appealing.

You can see how quickly this morning creative exploratory coffe session can become addictive! It’s simply child’s play which wakes up the inner child in you and gives you permission to be playful!

For example… moving the foam about this morning with the tip of a sharp knife, I was curious to see what would show up from different angles. One thing led to another as I experimented with the geometry and hidden messaging in relation to different angles (cup vs espresso machine).

Guess what? Living life as Art when making my morning coffee just became the best way to start my day after getting out of bed!

Live Your Life as if creating a masterpiece.

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