Cafe Monet – How to Stop the Insanity through Creativity

Look who showed up to have coffee with me this morning! Is it a sign? Lol

Yesterday afternoon was the official Launch Party for my “Paint your Bliss” paint party workshops. There were 7 participants, and I only knew one of them. So, it was truly a great experience to practice my presentation in front of and instruct total strangers.

Mind Blown

It has required a bit of courage on my part to take this leap of faith and go for it after months of talking about it.  Because of the overwhelming positive response I received while doing in-person market research, I realized that I have gifts that need to be shared openly and taught to others so that they too can find peace, serenity, joy, and bliss in that special space we call “The Zone.”

The Zone can be any activity that you do that completely takes all your attention. No outside distractions are allowed. No stressful  thoughts or worries enter your thoughts when you are in The Zone. In my case,  The Zone (where all the screaming in my head is silenced) is entered when I’m creating. It can be painting, writing, cooking, and even tidying up my messes as I create a cleaner space. 

In fact, puttering about while cleaning up is probably my favorite way to warm up to getting in The Zone. When doing mundane activities that give me a sense of immediate gratification, I get little blasts of Dopamine.  Dopamine is the brain chemical that is produced and enjoyed when you experience happy moments and also it comes with hot anticipation of daydreaming about something you get to do or want to do. 

Dopamine is also a much healthier choice for coping and feeling happier than alcohol, drugs, caffeine, or any other potentially self-destructive coping mechanism.  As long as you get your Dopamine fixes in positive ways…

Learn how to paint your way to Bliss and create a brighter, more colorful world for yourself with one of my paint instruction classes, healing workshops, or fun painting parties!

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