Cafe Monet – Blessings in Disguise

It’s going to be “One of those days”

First, I made my morning coffee in a different way than usual. Instead of having lovely foam art to ponder, I ended up with this blah brown mess of bubbles and some non-descript white blobs. Oh well…

And then… I tasted it as I walked up the stairs to my desk. WOW! I had no idea that this ordinary looking cup of coffee would taste so GOOD!!!!

As I proceeded up the stairs, an epiphany hit me like a bolt of lightening. Ever had those moments? What if this was a sort of metaphor for the old saying “Beauty is only skin deep and ugly goes clear to the bone.”

Then, my internet went out and I lost the first draft of what I was writing for this blog post that I’m re-writing now. The blessing of that happening is that I’m happier with what I’m writing now.

That plain looking cup of coffee brightened up my morning in a most unexpected way. My mind is opened and the words are flowing like snow runoff in Spring.

As I write, I wonder what other wonderful surprises will come my way today?

May your day be filled with magical surprises and great ideas.


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