One of the first questions people ask is, “Are you related?!!” when they learn my last name is Monet.

I don’t claim to be directly related to Claude, but I do know that I was born with an artist’s soul. I’ve known I was an artist since I discovered fingerpainting in Kindergarten.

Looking back, I realize that confident and creative free spirit has been a driving force in both survival and success in so many ways for my entire life. From a very young age, I’ve been independant in nature and confident in my abilities to learn and adapt. Show me! I was comfortable with experimenting and taking risks. My parents never told me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl or the smallest kid in my class. Instead, they encouraged me to experiment, be creative, make mistakes, figure things out and learn as long as I cleaned up my mess in time for dinner.

I grew up in San Jose, California. After that, I moved around a lot and eventually settled in Orange County, California in 2018. I’ve lived in many places and had many careers. Raised a family. Then, one day, in my early fifties, fell into a deep depression. I looked around me at my life. Who was I anymore? I could relate to being a mom, to being a wife, to being the boss lady at work in addition to many other roles I took on in my life. But, what about Me? I was so busy fulfilling all those other roles that I forgot how honor my goofy, creative self and not seem like a weirdo. I stopped investing in my own wellbeing. My light dimmed. I lost me.

I reconnected with “me” when I was able to find peace, healing, and an indescribable feeling of bliss whenever I made the time to paint. I associated these feelings with the activity of painting. I found myself making more and more time to do this painting thing that made me so happy. I found my Happy Place and now looked forward to the next project instead of justifying putting it off to some daydream of the future when I might have some extra time for such frivolous things. Meanwhile, I had bills to pay. I had a job to do, kids to raise, etc.

When I examined Why I was addicted to painting so much, I began to recognize that I always felt so happy when I was painting and for a long time afterwards. Also, it was reliable! I always experienced an immediate feeling of happiness and a lingering lightness of mood. Why wouldn’t I want to come back for more?

When I’m doing something creative, especially painting, my mind goes into a blissful state. When in this blissful state (commonly referred to as The Zone) nothing else enters my thoughts beyond what’s happening on the canvas in front. I’m non-stop smiles. No stress, no worries.

Rachel Monet Studios’ Stick Figure Academy was founded for the purpose introducing and teaching beneficial tools and techniques in a fun way that can easily be used to create your own Happy Space and experience The Zen of Art through painting and, eventually, other mediums. These entry level classes are all about having fun while trying something new. They are especially suited for anyone who says they can’t even draw a stick figure but wish they had the talent to paint.

So…. Let’s get this PARTY STARTED!! Any time of year is a good time for a Play With Paint Party. No reason required except that the ultimate goal is to simply have fun with your friends and create memories to last a lifetime.

You provide the location, tables, chairs, food and beverages. BYOB…whatever your favorite “buzz” is. We are cannabis-friendly too.

We bring all the art supplies to your location along with delightful assistants to provide additional guidance and technical support as your guests create their mini-masterpiece, led by yours truly.

Rachel Monet