Welcome to my gallery of art and photography!

If you find yourself captivated by what you see and can picture it in your home or office, contact me to explore your options from procuring the original to signed limited editions, as well as all the print and framing options available.

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About RACHEL MONET, The Artist

I’ve been an artistic soul for as long as I can remember. Finger painting in kindergarten was my favorite class! I still feel that sense of liberation and excitement when I’m creating something – whether it’s painting, taking pictures, making videos, cooking an inspired dish, or doing some creative writing.

Many of you know that space… we call it The Zone. As adults, we seek refuge in The Zone because that’s where all the stress and worries disappear for those special moments that we carve out for ourselves. Whatever “it” is… skiing, cycling, snowboarding, playing an instrument, yoga, pilates… The Zone is that mental/spiritual place you desire to go when you need a break.

Enter my Zone

When I paint, it’s best described as an “intuitive” process. Nothing is pre-planned except the colors and the effect they have on mood and emotions. It’s not so much how I’m feeling in the moment. Rather, it’s how do I want to feel as I watch this new dreamscape come to life as a visual reality.

Carefully curated music playing in the background, the brushes and tools take on a life of their own. I’m just the conduit through which the energies flow. It’s always fascinating to stand back and discover all the things and creatures that show up along the way. None of them intentional. Everyone sees different things. What great conversation pieces to enjoy with friends and colleagues!

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What you think you see is what you see. No two people see them exactly the same. What does that say about the human perspective?

What do you see?