Heightening Awareness

Musings from Cafe’ Monet

Starting the day off with a delicious hot latte’ as I ponder the foam art… wondering what I see in the froth.

Intentionally allowing yourself to view life’s ordinary surroundings and seemingly mundane things such as a morning coffee ritual from an artist’s storytelling perspective is an incredibly empowering decision.

Once you start viewing things differently in this way, you won’t be able to “unsee” in the old, traditional ways: The minimally aware ways of existing that only required enough attention or thought to get by…

For example, as I’m writing this I notice the reflection in the mirror next to me. Now, I’m playing with perspective and balance and lighting and… the list goes in as my creative brain intuitively kicks in to high gear.

After you experience revving your creative engines a few times and feel that rumble in your seat, all cylinders engaged… there’s no going back. Welcome to living in The Zone.

Proceed with curious abandon…

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