The Devil Came Calling

“The Devil Came Calling”

The devil came calling today
Looking to take my soul

Like a caged animal
Restless, I paced
For I could smell the rain

The rain of tears
Of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Of wives, husbands, sons, and daughters

I knew the call
Of the vultures flying before him
I had heard them before
And I had seen his dust

The red dust, his calling card

Red from the dried blood
Of those who paid his price
Before me

I let him draw near
Enough, I said
No more

You may not beg, borrow, bargain, nor steal
My soul is not yours today
For no bargain will I make
With a Devil, the likes of you

I do not negotiate with terrorists

Take your birds and your blood
Back to that lonely dark place
You call home

It must be hell.

  • Rachel Monet, May 5, 2013

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