Chasing Dreams

The sun is at my back, I’m sailing on a ship of dreams, that’s all I do.

Life is just an adventure with many twist and turns. I’m not good at making stuff up and I have no real control over what is yet to be. Acknowledging my limitations, I’ve learned to get excited about the unknown in front of me. In fact, like a dog with it’s nose out the car window as it careens down the highway, I crave discovery. I’m always in a state of flux between what is the present and where I dare to dream of existing.

A firm believer that God, or as I prefer “The Universe”, delivers what we passionately ask for in a positive manner, I’ve also learned that the answers rarely present themselves in the ways we anticipated. Receiving God’s graces requires keeping an open mind. All things are possible through Him. You simply have to walk the talk and remain open enough to trust in his infallibility. Shouldn’t be too hard for ye of great unshakable faith. “All things are possible through Him!”

There was a time, when I was married, that my husband suffered chronic, debilitating back pain along with migraines. It became ever more challenging over time when I had to be on high alert should he again become suicidal. He asked me one day, “How do you do it? How do you always remain positive?” “I have faith, “ was my reply. I had faith that things would be ok and I believed that I couldn’t afford to be distracted by pity or fear. I knew I had to bootstrap myself everyday, just like my parents before me, and keep the faith that everything would work out. That we would survive “this”… whatever “this” was at the moment. Fortunately, we had occasional reprieves that allowed us to recharge our spiritual batteries and mental resolve for the next crisis or challenge. Isn’t that what life is? A challenging adventure?

I believe it is. I live a magical life. I’m working on the “Charmed” part.

Without hope and faith, we are doomed. I think of soldiers at war and how they must hold strongly to hope that they will go home and see their loved ones again. They push through, hoping that they will one day be able to wake up next to their spouse or loved ones, take in the scent of the their skin, and be thankful to be able to smell the stale morning breath on the first kiss of the day. That must sometimes be the only thing that keeps them sane. Hoping for a positive outcome is prayer.

Wind at my back, I’m sailing on an ocean of dreams. My compass set, all I have to do is manage my sails and keep the course. Not the straight line one would expect but the traversing path that comes with the changing tides and winds. Neither static.

One must become exceedingly comfortable with learning to steer by instinct, experience, and courage.

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