The Power of Prayer

August 2013.

First, the van died. Earlier in the month I said out loud and with a lot of conviction, “I want $3,000 in my bank this month. I don’t care where it comes from, I just want it!!!” I gave that thought attention every day. When the van died, I was upset but not caught by surprise. There had been a noise under the hood for a while. I couldn’t afford to have it looked at, let alone fixed. I just remember looking out the window a week later at the broken van in the driveway. Then it occurred to me that the van was money to me. I still couldn’t afford to fix it so I said a prayer and let it go for a while.

One day, only a few hours from my cell phone being discontinued, my mechanic called asking if I wanted to sell the van. Short story – I got my $3,000 and the van got a new home. Little did I know the sale of the van was going to play such a pivitol role in what was yet to come.

With the van gone and no car for daily use, I quickly learned to ride my bike everywhere! This also reinforced my desire to keep my life simple and uncluttered. Without a car, I couldn’t just go impulse shopping and bring things home that I didn’t really need.

The decision to remain without a car was strongly backed by my desire to travel. The “Why” is extremely important and you have to believe in it with all your heart, with conviction if you want to start seeing the manifestation of what you wish for.

BTW, you will get what you ask for so ask for really good things!!

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